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Welcome to The Yoga Room Hawaii

Are you looking for a way to eliminate stress, torch some calories, and have some fun? The Yoga Room Hawaii combines stretching, strength, and meditation to change the body and renew the mind. A variety of accessible and effective class formats can be mixed and matched to meet any fitness or lifestyle goal. It’s a place where you will feel insanely fit, relieve mental and physical stress, while inspiring you to live an epic life.

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We are teachers, students, surfers, healers, triathlon lovers, grandparents and everything in between. Join a community of life hackers dedicated to making not only their life more enjoyable, but fueling the aloha spirit ON and OFF the mat through yoga.

The Latest From Our Instagram

Zoë (@zoelewisyoga) is teaching a yoga flow this morning! Kickstart your weekend with her and Ricki this am! Wait, is everyday a weekend now 🤔😂

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I am teaching a 60 minute vinyasa-style practice tomorrow at 10am HST (4pm EST/ 1pm PST) on Zoom for @theyogaroomhawaii. Head on over there for the link. Let’s spread our wings together 🕊

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Happy Aloha Friday Guys!! Hope you all had a great week.

We are actively working to get our recorded classes online and out to you all.

Thank you all for your patience, understanding and support.

Hoping you all have a great weekend. We love seeing your home practice!

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Stay Tuned for Elsa’s next IGTV video coming soon. This one’s for all those on the front lines when you just need a little pick me up! Mahalo @elsayoga_ 🙏🏽

#Repost @elsayoga_
Here’s a still from the next video going up on @theyogaroomhawaii IGTV. While I’m trying to create a bunch of videos for those of us stuck at home, this one is designed for those on the front line - the people working tirelessly to protect our communities and the world. So, this standing flow requires NO MAT & NO PROPS! You just need 15 minutes 🙏🏼 spread the word to those hard working people in your community 💓 I’ll let you all know when it’s live!

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While it may seem that we are “losing control” over the things we have come to enjoy, maybe even take for granted...let’s remember to look at the positives and look for the things we CAN control should we choose to.

In order to fully appreciate happiness we must understand sadness! We are here for you. Feel free to reach out whenever you need! Together we can and will make it through!

#Repost @unapologeticallysurviving
There are so many things that we can’t control, but let’s take a moment to celebrate the things we can! 🎨: @ashton.creates

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Aloha Friday Schedule!! Remember to book your class like you normally would on our website (☝🏽 LINK IN BIO ☝🏽) or on the mobile app.

Look for an email from FitGrid LIVE confirming you’re class.

Check your email about 30 minutes before the start of class for the Zoom link.

Can’t find the link, check your SPAM!

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Did you know today’s a holiday? At least in Hawaii it is. Kuhio Day! Well, I didn’t till no one at work replied to me and then told me it was a holiday. 🤣 Technically today would have been a day off for a lot of us!

I don’t know about you but this has been the longest March of my life and the days just roll into each other. 😬 I decide if I’m wearing ”house clothes” or “regular clothes” based on who will be on my zoom meetings each day!

While it seems like it’s a long way away, we WILL go back to our regularly scheduled programs and be free to roam the world wherever and whenever we choose.

However, in this moment we have to stay home, so why not embrace it and figure out how to thrive instead of just survive. What have you always wanted the time to do but couldn’t find that free moment for before? What are some of the positives you’re seeing that you maybe didn’t notice before? How are you thriving?

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Tomorrow we got a full lineup for you! Be sure to register for class like you normally would either on our website > schedule or via the app!

TIP: Look for an email from “FitGrid LIVE” + ADD to your contacts.

Don’t see an email, check your SPAM and PROMOTIONS tabs.

Move the confirmation email into your INBOX.


You’ll receive a confirmation email that you’re registered for class + a second email just before class starts with the link to your live zoom class.

Sending you all positive vibes and big mahaloz for your patience, understanding and most importantly for supporting us at The Yoga Room Hawaii and the community during this crazy time. We appreciate you!!

#supportsmallbusiness #staylocal #onlinelearning #virtualyoga #socialdistancing #physicaldistancing #sociallyconnected #wenotme

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Sorry Guys! Lisa (@lisa.oahu) today at 4:30p
#Repost @theyogaroomhawaii
Signup on our website or with the app (☝🏽LINK IN BIO☝🏽)

BOOK your class like you normally would.

30 minutes before class you’ll receive an email with the link to class. (* It’s the email address you use used to sign up for your account)

DON’T SEE AN EMAIL!!!! Check your SPAM folder. (* TIP: move that message out of spam and into your Inbox)

CLICK on the link to join class on ZOOM!

YES, you’ll need an account to BOOK a class. It’s FREE so sign up today and start setting your schedule!

Can’t get into your account? Email OR reset your password!

We are working hard to get recorded classes up online. Stay tuned!
#socialdistancing #stayhome #virtualyogaclass

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As we transition to our “new normal” for at least a little while, it’s important to also create our new routines and remember that life isn’t over, it’s just being altered from what we’ve come to understand as “normal”.

While it’s a slightly abrupt change and one we choose to embrace for the health and wellbeing of our community, we can still find the positives and embrace this time to spend with our families, to engage with our kids, to reach out and create new interactions with our friends near and far, and to catch up on all those things we say we would do if we had more time. Guess what, we all got time!

Take into consideration your mental state. It’s going to be easy to get lost in being angry, scared, antsy, confused...but we also have the power to take control and drive our thoughts and actions. Finding ways to keep those “go-to’s” like your favorite yoga class in the mix is the best way to re-build your new routines. We are here for you! Reach out whenever you need. #togetherwecan #weoverme

🙏🏽 🎨-@bless the messy

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020 Schedule! Welcome to Day 1 of mandatory “shelter in place” we are here to keep you focused and strong and probably sane!!
Everything is LIVE on ZOOM! ☝🏽☝🏽LINK IN BIO ☝🏽☝🏽
9am Hot Yoga with Alexis (@inso_aloha)

12pm Inferno Hot Pilates with Paula (@paula_llc)

4:30p Yoga Flow with Kelsey (@kconks)
Shout Out to all those parents working from home with their kids currently on extended spring break. Yoga is for EVERYONE! Have them jump into class with you or set them up with a class while you get some work done!
REMINDER starting WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25 you’ll signup for classes on our website just like you used to! If you’re new and don’t have an account go ahead and make one and jump into class!

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Get ready for Today’s workouts. Join Ricki at 4:30p for HOT YOGA (Bikram) LIVE on ZOOM. Then stretch it out with David at 7p Yin Yoga LIVE on ZOOM. Workout anytime with Elsa (@elsayoga_) and her 30 min Total Body Flow on our IGTV ☝🏽(middle icon)


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What better way to end your weekend and our first week of virtual classes than with YIN YOGA with Tara (@invokethedivine) tonight at 6pm LIVE ON INSTAGRAM! Let’s unwind together!
#socialdistancing #yogaonline #communitylove

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Join us tomorrow for Sunday-Funday with Fran (@frantastic808) at 10am LIVE ON ZOOM (☝🏽 LINK IN BIO ☝🏽) for HOT YOGA! (Yup, Bikram)

Sleep in. Enjoy your lazy Sunday morning. Wait is everyday now Sunday 🤔 LOL. Then layer it up and get ready to sweat it out with Fran. You’ll be done just in time for BRUNCH! (ok maybe lunch, but who’s counting, it’s Sunday!)

#socialdistancing #yogaonline #moderndayclassroom #supportcommunity

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Love seeing all the home practices happening! Thanks for your contiosupporg @lujimori we love seeing your posts!!

#Repost @lujimori
Live Stream Hot 🥵 Yoga with Ricki
👕#Vgxog OG Hoodies

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Start your day off on the right foot with Tara (@invokethedivine) at 8am for your morning meditation LIVE ON INSTAGRAM!

Get your sweat on with Ricki at 10am as he leads you through a full 90 minutes Hot Yoga class. Yup we mean Bikram LIVE on ZOOM (ZOOM LINK IN BIO)

Get your flow on with Kelsey (@kconks) at 4:45pm as she pushes you to do your best with her hour long Power Yoga Flow LIVE on ZOOM (ZOOM LINK IN BIO)

All classes are HST. Invite your friends. Grab your kids. If you’ve never tried yoga before, now is the perfect time to test our some of our classes and meet some of our amazing teachers.
#socialdistancing #notallclassroomshavefourwalls #themoderndayclassroom

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Love it @zoelewisyoga looking forward to your online class. While we can’t all be together in the studio, luckily we live in the day and age of instant and continuous connection! If you’ve always wanted to try yoga, now is a great time to check out some of our classes and our amazing teachers! Remember it’s for our Kupuna it’s for our community!#doyourpart #socialdistancing

#Repost @zoelewisyoga
Mahalo @nikyoga @theyogaroomhawaii for yesterday’s flow + nidra moment on Instagram live. We cannot be together, but technology makes it possible to still connect. I’m planning to teach my regular Saturday morning class tomorrow in my living room and will try to film, for possible free distribution through YRH. Live streaming seems a little daunting at this point but... never a better time to learn. Keep our vulnerable neighbors safe, and stay home if you can. #yogahawaii #keepmoving #keeppracticing but #stayhome Yes those are John’s feet next to my head during #savasana

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Double Down with Lisa (@lisa.oahu) tomorrow, Friday, March 20 at 6:30p LIVE on Instagram for HITTS! Get ready to tone those muscles and get your sweat on. Toss on some layers if you want to sweat more! ...

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LINK IN BIO!! Get ready to workout with Lisa (@lisa.oahu) tomorrow morning at 11am (HST) LIVE on ZOOM. Hot Yoga (Bikram) ☝🏽☝🏽 ZOOM LINK IN BIO ☝🏽☝🏽 ...

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#Repost @hotpilatesgirl
For the next 30 days we will be at HEADQUARTERS. #vegas
All Teacher Trainings are going to be live.
DM me if you would like to sign up! .
#hotpilates #infernolove #infernoteam #infernohotpilates #hotpilatesteachertraining #hotpilatesgirl @infernohotpilates @thefemalehustlers @monica_gonzales1 @dragaimfly

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Ok you afternoon yoga loving peps, we are bringing you Yoga Flow + Nidra with Nicole (@nikyoga) tomorrow at 6pm HST LIVE on Instagram!

Be sure to share with your friends near and far!
#socialdistancing #virtualyoga #community #yoga

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